October 10, 2011

Adiposity in children and its correlation with BP

The effect of adiposity on blood pressure in children is minimal until the body mass index reaches the 85th percentile, at which point it intensifies, according to a study published online Oct. 3 in Hypertension.

Wanzhu Tu, Ph.D. followed 1,111 children for 4.5 years. Blood tests and BP were measured.

"There is a marked intensification of the influence of adiposity on BP when children reach the categories of overweight and obese. Among the possible pathways, leptin may be a potentially important mediator acting through the sympathetic nervous system (reflected in heart rate)," the authors write.

BMI was used in this study to meaure adiposity but a new index can give furter information about the real fat percentage.

This new index is called Body Adiposity Index (BAI) and it is calculated using Hip circumference and Height.

Try to calculate your BAI and compare it with your BMI.

Here you can calculate your BMI

Are the 2 indexes telling you the same story?

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