October 23, 2011

Collaborative Vs. Competitive: The perfect Mix

We are all both Collaborative and Competitive persons according to situations and periods of life.
But there are individuals that can not survive with this mix.
You would die in few days if you are a fireman and you are not 100% collaborative.
You would day in few days if you are the boxe world champion and you are not 100% competitive.
But for most of us the extreme possibilities are not the best approach to survive and to have an happy and fullfilled life.
We are social living being so it is natural to develope and mantain a good social network (both online and in the real world).

Foto from Maurizio Goetz Facebook Page

And it is normal somebody will commit to excellence trying to do the best (this means also better that others).
So what I suggest is to know yourself and balance your Collaboration and Competitive souls in order to obtain your Perfect Mix.
I am a father of a child of 9 and it is difficult to explain my point of view.
Modern western culture is unbalanced toward competitivity. Collaboration is too ofter underestimated or considered weakness.
I try to be a good model for him and probably this is the only way to be a father.

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