October 28, 2011

Cancer and pH

5 new clinical trials have been presented yesterday at Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanità, italian health governative institution.
These trials are focused on alternative and complementary approaches to cancer treatment with chemotherapy.
What is really interesting (but not new) is that eventually science is considering as clinical target the pH modifications induced by cancer cells.
Usually cancer cells change the microenvironment of the tissues and this strong lowering of pH damages or kills normal cells.
The 5 studies developed by "International Society for Proton Dynamics in Cancer" (ISPDC) tested these alternative approaches in patients affected by melanoma and osteosarcoma, two very aggressive forms of cancer.
Results seem very encouraging.
So very soon we could see Sodium Bicarbonate (common baking soda)among anti-tumoral agents or included in protocols for cancer treatments.
All these therapies are based on molecules that target tissue pH:
- Inhibiting acid production (pomp proton inhibitors)
- Balancing tissue pH (Sodium Bicarbonate)
- Changing their state (Acridine Orange)

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