October 23, 2011


Would you eat 10 tea spoons of sugar one after the other?
I don't think so..
But this is what we do everytime we drink a can of soft drinks like Coke.
Here we can know more about sugar content of many foods, drinks and snaks that we usually eat.
It is true that carbohydrates (and sugar is one of them) are an essential components of any balanced diet (that should have a percentage of carboidrates of about 30%), but it is also true that:
- A regular refined carbohydrates and sugars abuse causes overweight, obesity and many chronical diseases like tipe II diabetes;
- Regular use of sugar-added soft drinks, fruit juices and flavoured milks should be avoided particularly during meals when we usually eat enough carbohydrates.
- We should not encourage children to start using sugar-added drinks because they induce addiction;

Added sugars in soft drinks, fruit juices and flavoured milks contains empty calories.These calories are called empty because they carry energy but not nutrients (like minerals and vitamins) and they have an high Glicemic Index.

The glycemic index is found by measuring the increase in glycemia that is produced when a subject is given 50 grams of sugar extracted from a food. Therefore, the glycemic index tells us how quickly the sugar concentration in the blood rises and is expressed in relation to the increase produced by 50 grams of pure glucose.
This means that the index doesn't depend upon the sugar content of each single food. Let's look at an example: melon has a very high glycemic index but this doesn't take into consideration the fact that in order to reach 50 grams of sugar a person would have to eat 6-7 melons at one time. This explains why we can't only consider this parameter when we evaluate the body's response and especially the insulin response.
The glycemic load, on the other hand, is determined by multiplying the glycemic index by the quantity of sugar contained in the foods that are consumed. By introducing the variable of the amount of carbohydrates ingested in every single food that is eaten, we can reach a more precise evaluation of its affect upon the body

Whole grains provide calories with a lower Glicemic Index and they respect our metabolic paths not charging too much on our metabolic response.

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